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Global Healing

What is your individual part of this whole of oneness? Improve relationship with yourself, family, and others.  Ask yourself more empowered questions coming from a better attitude.  Flow with people in our immediate lives and around the globe.  We are a global community.  We are all here together on this planet, breathing, living, and evolving.  Everything we choose affects someone or something else whether near you or on the other side of the planet, especially now, as we have global connection.  Consciously choose the loving right [...]

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Philosophy of Being

When we have deep roots and a strong trunk, the fruits of the art will flourish within us, but the fruits without a deep and strong understanding, will soon disappear.  —Mary Burmeister  [one_third] PHYSIO - PHILOSOPHY Awareness of  Myself Spirit Roots (Natural - Love of Wisdom) ~Let Go [/one_third] [one_third] PHYSIO - PSYCHOLOGY Understanding Myself Mind/MatterTrunk (Natural - Science of Mind & Function) ~Flow[/one_third][one_third_last] PHYSIO – PHYSIOLOGY Technique for Myself Body Harvest (Natural – Science of Body & Function) ~Breathe [/one_third_last] In ancient times traditional [...]

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Reframe Perspective

Mindful Thinking All is within us waiting to be brought to consciousness.  "Learning is remembering." — Plato  Reframe Perspective / Mindful Thinking / Power of Thoughts Be mindful in your thoughts.  What we choose to think about, and how we choose to think create our reality. You are your thoughts, and if you think your thoughts long enough, they become your beliefs.  We literally weave neural pathways in our brain with our thoughts.  Your perspective, or point of view, is your experience.  Are you enjoying [...]

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AWARENESS about what is happening around us will help us FLOW more smoothly in our day to day. Just remember to think in these moments of any upset, or when feeing crappy: BREATHE ~ LET GO ~ I FLOW Just as the ocean sends forth waves upon the shore in all shapes, sizes, and intensities so are the waves of energy that flow through our atmosphere all around us. Learn about what occurs in our universe from day to day so as to understand what [...]

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