It is not what comes to us that does harm;
it is what does not escape.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Release old energy and free yourself to be who you truly are now.

Surrender all thinking that is not for your highest good. 

It is common in stressful situations to hold your breath.  Most people need help on the exhale… the letting go.  If we do not let go, old stale energy stores and accumulates in areas of our body causing stagnancy in life, disharmony, stiffness, and on deeper levels, serious illness. Stress affects the breathing, brain, nervous system, all body chemistry (blood, brain, hormone), and amplifies everything.  Let go of stress.

The old stories you keep telling are limiting your ability to be present in your life. From your head to your toe, let go.  Let go of all you ‘think’ you know about yourself.  Make room for new thoughts, possibilities, and experiences.  Let go of regrets, grudges, bitterness, and beliefs that keep you in pain and suffering.  Attitudes like worry, fear, anger, and sadness hinder the flow of insight and creativity.  Let go of judgments of others, and of yourself.  Especially, let go of ego, and live from your heart

CA_bigstock-man-on_gassOPT_15468806In order to change and transform our lives we must be moving forward, healing and releasing the past.  Wherever you are and whatever you are moving towards, Jin Shin Jyutsu will help you on your journey.  Since JSJ has an accumulative affect, the more you allow yourself to open up, release, and let go, the more you can bring yourself into alignment with who you really are and begin to make the necessary changes you want and need to transform your life.

We are ever changing and evolving, as well as the world, and nature around us.  Stop resisting.  It is harder.  It is time we flow in the process of change, and allow it.  Feel stuck?  Within each one of us is the ability to cast aside all burden and misery.  So why don’t we?  FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real.  Let go of your fear… in your head.  Set your intention to consciously make mindful choices… from your heart. These choices lead to vibrant health.

Simply Breathe and say, “I let go, and I flow”.

Love, forgive, play, laugh, and Be. Create an optimal healing environment.

“Choose to discover something new about yourself everyday, and set it free.” —Mary B.

Your life expands or contracts according to the amount of your courage.  Let go of fear and have courage.

If you are not letting go, you don’t have much room to grow.  When there is room to grow we can experience ‘R’ life possibilities:  new reality, reinvent, rejuvenate, revitalize, reframe perspective, refresh, reward, replenish, renew, relax, remember, be ready, respect, reconnect, resonate, rejoice, release, reclaim, receive, relieve, reflect, live righteously, real happiness.

It is not our darkness that scares us… it is our light.  Stop being afraid to be who you are, and discover the CA_bigstock-resting-womanOPT_3886661truth inside of you.  It is time to change the world with love and mindfulness.  Each of us has a unique personal calling.  Allow yourself to be open to the limitless possibilities and know what your part is now.  Choose to participate in your souls evolution and the world around you.  Have faith in Love.

If you cannot let go, then you cannot receive.  Consciously exhale down the front of your body to your toes to let go.  Then consciously inhale up your back to your head and allow yourself to accept and be nurtured with new fresh energizing breath.  Receive the abundant life force energy that charges your ‘battery of life’.  Wake up and be alive!

As we release all things that keep us stuck, we are able to regenerate and become a being of movement for a fuller expression of who we are.  The minute we are resisting life we tighten up in our chest.  We need to let go and flow from our hearts.

Let go of inhibition and artistry occurs. —Mary B.

Jin Shin Jyutsu private sessions and Self-help classes will help you let go, change habits, and break old patterns that are keeping you stuck.  Both will also allow you to know your body and how to listen to it, in order to create and sustain harmony, and balanced attitudes.