“BE the light that you are.”  —Mary Burmeister

Life is motion and constant change.  It is a continuous process of unfolding.  We must learn to FLOW in the process of life.  Change is certain and ever evolving.  We can choose to go with the flow, or resist it.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” —Darwin

CA_bigstock-Rainbow-At-WaterfallOPT_31534343Help yourself to be in flow day by day through every moment learning the simple art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and using your natural inborn abilities.  Moments of stress or challenge will continue exist in our lives, but it is how we approach them that will make the difference.  Evolve and step into the next higher version of who you are.  Let go of the riverbank and flow in the current of the river of life. Be your best self.  Be your true creative heart self.

Who are you when you are in harmony?  Share the musical harmony inside of you.  Doesn’t it feel good to smile and laugh? Make decisions coming from loving intentions and harmonious thoughts instead of simply reacting from fear, worry, anger and sadness.  The quality of your life equals the quality of your questions.  Ask better questions, be aware of more options, make better decisions to upgrade and elevate the quality of your life.

Approach life from Faith that makes any manifestation possible.  Empower yourself and develop faith in yourself that you are capable of self-healing and co-creating with all that is around you, and inside of you.  You will begin to recognize and discern when you are out of balance or in balance.

Open yourself to all that is possible as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing, and being.  Be willing and ready to live in the now moment without expectation. Open yourself up to the ease and beauty that awaits you.  Step out of your own way, and simply allow FLOW.  Stepping out of your own way means letting go of the expectation of what is to come and how it should look.

The answers you seek reside within you.  The only practice that is now needed is one that awakens you to truth.  Remember to choose a new way when presented with the opportunity for growth.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” — Deepak Chopra

Yes, we live amongst heartache, struggle, sickness, stress, and pain on personal levels, through a family member or friend, or simply in the environment around us.  We have ups and downs.  And it does sometimes stagnate us, hold us back or instill fear or worry, especially if we allow it.  It is all part of the process of life.  The good and the bad provide wisdom.  It is important to learn the aspects of life, to know of the tools we have available, to develop greater appreciation and awareness, in order to become happier within ourselves extending it out to others so that we can flow together.  Everything on the planet and in the universe is in relationship to each other. These moments of strife can be just that, moments.  It does not have to be on such drastic levels all the time.  Learn what you need to learn from it, and be a better person for it.  Know and remember, there is no need to hold onto it forever holding you back from living the rest of your life, or missing out on new experiences you could be having because your thoughts are keeping you stuck in a place or moment that doesn’t even exist anymore.  Choose new thoughts.  Reframe your perspective.  Remember your perspective is your experience.

How do we FLOW?  Let go of old ideas and habits.  Be open to possibilities, have real desire, surrender to the moment, and allow.  Is it hard to have faith and trust?  Is it not harder to be in fear and struggle so much?  When we become fearful or stressed, we hold our breath, which makes us hold in that emotion or moment we are experiencing, therefore storing it in our body.  This, in turn, starts to create disharmony in our bodies.  The flow of energy becomes interrupted and stuck, therefore so does the flow of our thoughts, and our movement in life.


Our attitudes change to reflect the disharmony inside our bodies.  As Jin Shin Jyutsu reminds us, it is so important to breathe, and breathe properly.  Our breath is our life force energy.

We don’t know what may happen tomorrow, so are we going to hold on to a hurt, a grudge, or an experience that was only that, an experience that was here and gone? What matters is what is happening right now, and what choice you have in this instant.  Are you going to choose to come from love and appreciation, or are you going to be set in your unbendable limited perspective?  Are you going to wish you had the opportunity to hug someone one more time, or tell someone you love them?  Come on people, this is your wake up call now!  Don’t wait for something drastic to wake you up.  Help yourself, and choose to make a difference now.  Learn how to empower yourself.  Physically heal and help your body on a daily basis with Jin Shin Jyutsu, which will help heal you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Choose to make a better choice.  If you are having difficulty now, it can change.  Change is the one thing that is certain.  Which path are you choosing when given the opportunity of choice?

The fact is you have a choice every day.   Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  It is up to YOU to change your thoughts and actions.  Stop pointing the finger at someone else.  Consider new perspectives.  Our world around us is evolving, as well as our consciousness…so too can the beings we are individually.  Choose to participate in your evolvement. We don’t have to limit our Self with old belief structures that were determined years, or even generations ago.  We don’t have to have one belief locked in for our entire life.  Let go.  Flow in what is evolving around you now, and chose the path that enjoyably flows in love.  Simply start to ask, am I coming from FEAR, or am I coming from LOVE?

CA_bigstock-People-soaring-toward-light-amOPT_31897127Learn what natural abilities you have been gifted.  What is your individual part of this whole of oneness?  Learn how to let things go that hold you back as I described.  We ALL have this ability.  It is part of our human body make up.  Learn about what you can do and experience change in your life.  Let go of what is causing the disharmony.  Let go of the thinking that is limiting you, and reframe your perspective.  Stop waiting and giving excuses.  Change your thoughts and change your experience now.  Let it be simple.  Tell yourself every day in any moment,  I BREATHE,  I LET GO, and I FLOW’.  It works!

No, I am not saying that it will happen over night.  You don’t just decide to run a marathon, build a house, become an astronaut, or eat healthy everyday without knowledge and practice.  It takes desire, adjustment, learning, consistency, and love.  It doesn’t have to be as hard as ‘you think’.  It can be as simple as just deciding.  That is the first step.  Stop making everything so hard.  It can be fun.  Be excited that a positive change is in the process of happening in the instant you choose.

FLOW with people in your life and around the globe.  FLOW with universal shifts and changes.  FLOW in Faith, especially when harmoniously connected.  The Secret of Youth is to keep moving… keep the laughter, fun, and excitement.  It’s all about the attitude.

Resistance to what is causes suffering.  FLOW in the process of life.  IT IS AS IT IS.

In order for us to flow through the shifts of evolution on our planet individually and as one, we need a strong foundation for our health and wellbeing.  When we are in harmony on mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels we can BREATH, LET GO, and FLOW.

Do you FLOW?

I*FLOW (may that be an affirmation).