Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

“My destiny is in my own hands.” ~ Mary Burmeister

” The truth is that within each of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to know complete Peace and Oneness – to be that beautiful creation of perfect harmony – to truly know and help Myself. “ ~Mary Burmeister

Plato said, “Learning is remembering.”



Jin ShinJyutsu® self-help healing classes empower individuals to utilize one’s own hands on the body to awaken awareness and understanding to what ‘BEING’ is as our most true authentic self, and to take responsibility for his/her health and healing. Self-help is the birth and core of Jin Shin Jyutsu®. You have to know yourself to know how to nurture yourself. When we “know ourselves” we experience vibrant health, abundance, sense of wellbeing, joy, security, peace, and oneness. Through applying Mary Burmeister’s “Now Know Myself” guidance, we recognize the wisdom of the body, learn to interpret the messages provided, and utilize them to restore balance.

bigstock-Hands-And-Feet-3908837OPTThe only tools needed are the hands, the breath, and one’s awareness.

The body is compared to a “battery of life,” and the hands, to “jumper cables.” We can recharge our battery of life by simply utilizing our “jumper cables”, and applying them to a combination of 26 specific areas on the body called Safety Energy Locks (SEL). The Safety Energy Locks, when locked, are places where energy can get blocked up physically, mentally, emotionally, and digestively. This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area, but will continue to eventually disharmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow. This may cause pain and eventually lead to more serious health problems.

We are gifted with the natural ability to unlock and restore energetic flow to balance the many levels of our wellbeing by using bigstock-Mixed-group-in-yoga-class-rela-39274342OPT our breath and hands. JSJ Self-Help classes are available to assist in helping you remember your innate intelligence, empower self-healing, and create upliftment for each other on a greater scale.

Everything is about relationship. When we have a relationship with ourselves we are happier and all our relationships are happier. Self-help classes allow an individual to know the body, how to listen to the body, create and sustain harmony, and maintain balanced attitudes. This will in turn help us make better quality decisions, because we will be present and mindful, instead of being distracted with worry, fear, anger, and sadness thus making decisions from a place of emotional uncertainty.

bigstock-pain-9229304OPTFor optimum results, include the practice of JSJ Self-Help daily. It becomes second nature, and is like finally having your body’s ‘owners manual’ to know how to charge your battery, relieve stress, clean your filters, rejuvenate your cells, let go of old stuff, build confidence and self esteem, give yourself a boost of energy when feeling exhausted, restore balance and ground yourself when you feel anxiety, depression, or emotional instability, calm your nerves, aid digestion, fall asleep at night, weight loss or gain, relieve headaches and body aches, reduce pain, nourish your organs and blood for optimal health, balance hormones, enhance brain function, align your skeletal structure, relax muscles, release toxins and dis-ease, speed healing, clear your mind, and more. The list is endless when we understand our natural function. (*See JSJ Benefits page)

Even more, help your children with all of the above. Also including fever, earaches, tummy aches, emotional tantrums, and concentration. Teach them where to hold their body in times of need, and when they are not feeling well. Empower them to help themselves. Additionally, JSJ is helpful with learning disabilities, hyperactive behavior, autism, and ADHD.

Not only can you apply self-help to yourself and children, but also to your pet companions.

Jin Shin Jyutsu self-maintenance promotes emotional, physical, and mental harmony by allowing our life sustaining energy to connect throughout our body so that we may flow through daily ups and downs in a truly balanced rhythm.

Some people find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others like to use it to clear and energize upon awakening.

The ambiance, in I*FLOW’s self-help healing classes welcome serenity, connection, enhanced breathing, and deep relaxation while embodying all aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu®. You will:

* Learn the Philosophy of Being, and the empowering gifts of your own ability to balance and revitalize every aspect of your being.

* Learn how to really take care of yourself, become friends with your body, listen to your body, understand your body, and fine tune harmony in your body to play your inner song relating to your part in this world’s universal symphony.

* Be gently guided through the various 26 energy center locations called Safety Energy Locks (SEL), and learn the attributes of each location. Be guided along specific pathway combinations of energy flow, plus understand how you can apply self-help at any moment under any circumstances for daily and emergency needs.

* You will learn the main flow patterns that connect us to source energy to release daily tension and stress in order to be your best Self.

* You will learn how to breathe again, and about the importance of your breath as it is your life force energy.

* You will learn to feel the rhythm in your body, and enter into this rhythmic flow until you feel at one with the center of your being.

The more you get to KNOW YOURSELF, the more your understanding of life changes, your awareness changes, and your body changes. Change is constant so BREATHELET GO… and FLOW.

Currently, class schedule vary in dates, time, and location, and will be posted on the website. Each class will provide daily needs, as well as focus on specific topics.

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“By simply applying the hands to areas of the body, one is invited on an empowering inner journey that helps to calm the mind, heal the body, and reawaken the joy of living.” ~Mary Burmeister

“Know Myself Especially” Classes:

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Reducing Daily Tension & Stress

To BE in Harmony

Mastering Body, Mind, & Spirit

I Flow

Calming the Mind

I Am Breathing!

Conscious Alignment

Relieving Anxiety and Depression


Women’s Health and Empowerment

Men’s Health and Empowerment

Children / Our Little Ones

Pet Companions – illness, trauma, comforting rescues

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Yoga Deepen your asana practice with an understanding of the energy body and the flow patterns that circulate through it. JSJ is an excellent complementary practice.

Guide for Mothers Learn how to stay centered and comfort yourself while helping to relieve your children of common ailments and complaints.

Self-Help Care During Pregnancy & Labor – Relieve nausea & morning sickness, bloating, constipation, backache, high blood pressure, headaches, cramps, tiredness, indigestion, and other common symptoms

Self Help Care After Pregnancy & Birth – Rejuvenate body & mind, relieve postpartum depression, stimulate production of breast milk, and more

We Want To Have A Baby! – Learn to enhance reproductive function, balance hormones, create a relaxed stress free environment