I Flow Studio offers Jin Shin Jyutsu® private sessions and personalized self-help instruction to aid movement in the body, encourage the flow of energy, facilitate the reduction of tension and stress which accumulates in the body through normal daily living, and help the body heal itself in a gentle deeply relaxing dynamic. A variety of lifestyle tools are offered to create harmony within so that we may Flow with the natural laws of the Universe and maintain congruent resonance.


Help yourself to be in flow day by day through every moment learning the simple art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Evolve and step into the next higher version of who you are.  Empower yourself and develop faith in yourself that you are capable of self-healing and co-creating with all that is around you, and inside of you. Make a difference in your life and in someone else’s.  Be your true creative Authentic Self. We are here to guide you on your individual journey as a part of this whole of oneness to BE YOUR BEST SELF.

We offer Private Sessions and Self-Help Healing Classes by appointment.

Currently, Self-Help class schedule varies in dates, time, and location, and will be posted on the website and email announcements. Each class will provide daily needs, as well as focus on specific topics. Feel free to contact us for more information. Book a Session

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