“I have had several experiences with Jin Shin Jyutsu and its ability to improve overall functioning of body, mind, and spirit. I was first introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu in 1999 in Denver, CO. I went for help with overwhelming stress from work, sleep issues, and preparation for an upcoming surgery. I went because I wasn’t ready to try needles with Acupuncture. Through the sessions, I became calmer, clearer, and recovered quickly from my surgery.

Several years later, my father was in the hospital with cancer and kidney failure, with the Doctors saying he would not make it out of the ICU, and asking me to ok turning off life support. We did the kidney flow on him several times a day, and when his kidneys kicked back in, the doctors were amazed. He was able to enjoy another 7 years of family, relative comfort and travel.

Last year I was battling late stage ovarian cancer and started looking for a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in the area as I had previously witnessed such good results with it. I was very fortunate to be referred to Caressa and I know that our weekly sessions for the last year, especially the weeks of chemotherapy treatment, are one of the key reasons I am in remission and doing well today.

Caressa has a deep understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu and an intuitive approach to address your needs and concerns. She is warm, open and overflowing with supportive energy. Each session was different and every time I felt better and more able to deal with the challenge at hand. I am very grateful for her work.

I especially appreciate that Caressa takes the time to describe what each flow addresses and explains self-help techniques that you can do on your own to continue and extend the results. The simple self-help flows and finger holds are empowering and a great tool for getting in tune with your own body. I recommend Caressa without reservation and with all my heart. Love and light.— Cynthia C, Age 44

My experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu with Caressa was gentle and powerful at the same time. I felt my body’s energy flow open and a kind of reconnection happen between my body, mind, and spirit. A personal awareness about a troubling situation came to light in a simple vision, and I was flooded with peace and deep relaxation throughout the session. Thank you Caressa. Your name speaks so well of your healing touch. With gratitude, — Tina L, Age 54

“Caressa’s healing touch through Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions and holistic lifestyle coaching, including nutrition and spiritual guidance, have been essential to my victory over depression, and the trauma of divorce and bankruptcy.” — Greg T, Age 46

“Jin Shin Jyutsu is such a wonderful work. I can’t say enough about it. I have been undergoing chemotherapy for ADVstage 4 cancer. It has been a tremendous help in managing various side effects after treatment. I felt awful and out of sorts, but after a JSJ session with Caressa, I feel connected back into my body. I feel grounded, and more like myself. — Andrea L, Age 42

“I like Caressa’s Jin Shin Jyutsu because it helped me with my bad dreams a lot, and made me at peace.” — Ryan G, Age 10

“The energy work I receive from Caressa helps me feel clarity in my intentions, and a peace with my place in the universe. My body responds happily to freedom from back pain.
— Matt G, Age 36

“S.T.R.E.S.S! That is what was consuming my life before I met Caressa. She really helped me reframe my perspectives that were limiting my happiness, relationships, and business. I learned that I created a lot of it myself just by my attitude. I also learned by having balance in my body and mind that my bad attitudes seemed to change to a more positive outlook. Instead of instantly reacting, I chose to breath and center myself. It made a big difference how I responded. Yes, it took some time concerning some matters, but it was worth the process! Other days it was as simple as changing a couple of words in a sentence to reframe my perspective. It is interesting how we sometimes get stuck in patterns that really have nothing to do with our present situation. I am so grateful to feel like I am connecting on a deeper level with myself, with my family, and all that is around me. Caressa is easy to talk to and nonjudgmental. She helped me to see the truth, appreciate what I have, and know there are blessings in disguise in those situations that seem unfair. The overwhelming stress that I used to feel is subsiding, and I am finding more enjoyment in my life. Thank you Caressa. — Thomas, Age 44

I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, and very rarely am I sick. I decided to start JSJ sessions with Caressa because I simply just felt like something was missing in my life. The more I was able to let go of old beliefs, the more it seemed the world around me opened up to new opportunities. The things that used to incessantly bother me seemed to just disappear. I am enjoying my sessions with Caressa and look forward to discovering even more about myself.” — Nancy, Age 39

I was having a hard time focusing in school, and my confidence as I am going through adolescent changes varies from day to day. Receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions from Caressa has helped me to be more centered, and to let go of the fears I have of being accepted in school. Talking to Caressa before or after our sessions has also helped me change my perspective and have a more positive outlook, which gives me strength and encouragement to flow in my day, and through the changes that I am learning to understand. I am thankful for my sessions with her, and I know she really cares about me.
— Stacy, Age 15

“After spending time with Caressa, I notice my psychic, physical, and mental abilities are operating high. Every time we have a session I am up all night working and feeling great the days following. Jin Shin Jyutsu has leveled me out and helped me look at life a little differently. — Dave B, Age 30

“I am thankful for my experience with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Caressa. It was very beneficial for me regarding digestion, sleep, and mood. I noticed the effects lasted for many days afterward. — Claudia M, Age 52

“Jin Shin Jyutsu is a truly amazing experience that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. I am not into ‘hocus pocus’ treatments, and this was not as I imagined. It was totally different and effective. Caressa explained how this is a natural ability we have to heal ourselves. I now understand how I easily have the power on a daily basis to use my breath and hands to open up areas that I may store stress, let go of it, and bring harmony to my attitudes that sometimes hold me back. It was like a meditative body experience that physically refocused all my energy. Feeling a new motivation and light inside of myself, I started to exercise and watch the foods I ate. I lost 25 pounds. Caressa is awesome and I highly recommend trying JSJ with her. — Barrie L, Age 28

“My husband and I are grateful for our sessions with Caressa as we are in the process of hoping to have a baby. Previously, I have had two miscarriages, and my menstrual cycle was pretty much absent for nearly a year. This made it difficult to determine timing, but after my first session with Caressa, I started what was a normal period the very next day. I was happily surprised! The benefits of JSJ are helpful to each of us so far, as we have both noticed a balance in aspects of our mental attitude, our reproductive system, and stamina. Caressa’s knowledge concerning lifestyle improvements has been helping us on all levels to prepare to welcome a little one to our family. May our prayers be answered in due time.” — Julie & Marc, Age 35 & 36

“I felt helpless watching my son in the hospital while he was experiencing pain and stiffness in his muscles and joints from his fibromyalgia. With Caressa’s help I was able to make a difference. She showed me what I could do while I was sitting with him to nurture him, relieve some of the pain, help him feel peaceful and relaxed, stimulate a speedy recovery by boosting his immune system, and simply take the stress out of the situation for my son and myself. I feel grateful to know that I was able to help relieve some of his discomfort and aid him in the process. It was so much better than sitting there, and doing nothing to help.” — Patricia, Age 43