Reframe Perspective

Mindful Thinking


All is within us
waiting to be
brought to consciousness. 

“Learning is remembering.”
— Plato

 Reframe Perspective / Mindful Thinking / Power of Thoughts

Be mindful in your thoughts.  What we choose to think about, and how we choose to think create our reality. You are your thoughts, and if you think your thoughts long enough, they become your beliefs.  We literally weave neural pathways in our brain with our thoughts.  Your perspective, or point of view, is your experience.  Are you enjoying your experiences?  You can only change your own perspective on matters and embrace the energies of love, peace, and harmony for yourself first.  Then when you own enough of these energies, you can radiate them to all others around you by simply being who you are.  We can also affect the past through present perspectives.  Be aware of your thoughts, quality of your mental dialogue, daydreams, intentions, attitudes, and approach in conversations.  Everything that happens is a reflection of our inside harmony.  Jin Shin Jyutsu works on the cause and harmonizes our attitudes, which lead to better thinking.

The mind is extremely powerful.  We have the ability to shape the world around us with our thought, and heal ourselves.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is mind-body healing.  Health is everything you do, think, say, hear, see, eat, smell, and feel.  Manage your personal wellbeing.  Open yourself to all that is possible as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing, and being.  Be willing and ready to live in the now moment without expectation and open yourself up to life that awaits you.

Empower yourself with mindful intention.  Change the thoughts that are negative and limiting.  Reframe perspective.  Choose to have a positive loving approach, and a good attitude.  This is what will bring you a better and more fulfilling outcome.  You will start to attract the very energy you are putting out.  It is a choice to come from love or fear.  Learn to question yourself as to who you are from a higher perspective, not from the insecurity of the ego or your lower mind.  Ask questions from the depths of your heart.  When you live in love you are actually resonating in higher frequencies.  That is how you raise your consciousness, and activate more codes in your DNA structure.  We only have 20 of 64 DNA codes activated now.  Fear, hate, and negativity are the reasons we have currently have so few.

Stop spending so much mental energy around what you think must happen, what you think you need to do, or should do.  Your mind is constantly busy in many directions, trying to create your life in a certain way.  Stop ‘trying’ and start allowing your self to ‘BE’ in flow.  Come from your heart.  It is a letting go, a faithful surrender that where you are is exactly what is meant to be in that moment.  What are you to learn?  Yes, answers may come in unexpected ways, and how do you get through those moments that are tough? We must learn to flow in the process of life.  The more conscious, and the more present we are, allows us to be aware of many more choices.  The more choices you make the more experiences you have.  The more experiences you have, the more perspectives you gain, and wisdom is a multitude of perspectives.

Open yourself to all that is possible as a new way of seeing perceiving, doing, and being.  It is important that you start dreaming new lives for yourselves.  Dream of new ways of being and living on this planet.  Everything in creation always starts with a thought, then a dream of that thought, and finally allowing the dream to expand into a new creation.  Believe in yourselves and in your dreams and eventually, they will manifest in your daily lives.  Have fun dreaming and imagining.


Deconstruct the belief systems that keep you asleep,  in illusions, or limit you.   It is so much more difficult when you choose to be negative or angry in your thoughts and actions. It takes more effort because the outcome of negative energy creates a difficult struggle.  Stop choosing from fear and worry.  Aren’t you tired of having meaningless experiences that keep you exactly where you are now?  Stuck.  Become aware of how you are creating in each moment.  With each thought or emotion you create either positively or negatively.

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps you to unlock blockages, physical, and mental, in order to let go of old patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck by healing the disharmony, in order to create harmonious flow throughout your body leading to freedom from bondage of mental chatter, and poor quality thinking.  Stop being hypnotized and distracted by the meaningless aspects of the world. Observe it, but don’t get caught up in it so that it deters your focus from your purpose here, or the goodness around you.

C.A.N. I? Constant And Never-ending Improvement

Get rid of everything that no longer serves you well, especially useless thoughts. It is time to quit crawling around like a caterpillar.  Manage your personal well being, evolve into a butterfly, and fly.  Fly wherever you choose to go.

What is real?  See your life and the life around you with new perspective, new eyes, new ears, new intentions, new thoughts, and new appreciation.  Take off the blinders of limiting beliefs, and open up your perspective wide.

bigstock-Mind-Power-5693299OPTChoose to live and love your life.  If there is a part of it you don’t like, reframe your perspective around it.  Change it.  Take the steps to empower yourself through self healing of the disharmonies and stagnant energies that created the useless ways of thinking in the first place, and that further lead to illness or to situations you don’t like.

The state of HAPPINESS is an indicator of balanced energy. The state of NO ATTITUDES is indicator of balanced body energy.  The state of BEING results in harmony.

Jin Shin Jyutsu empowers you in self-healing.  It is like having the manual to our body.  It is the knowledge of your natural gifts.  Simply using your hands, and breath you can create flow in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.  Be aware of your body’s inborn ability.

“Create your future with the power of your intention.  Intend everyday and create your future life.”  – from The Secret Daily Teachings. 




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