Philosophy of Being

When we have deep roots and a strong trunk, the fruits of the art will flourish within us, but the fruits without a deep and strong understanding, will soon disappear.  —Mary Burmeister


PHYSIO – PHILOSOPHY Awareness of  Myself Spirit Roots (Natural – Love of Wisdom) ~Let Go
PHYSIO – PSYCHOLOGY Understanding Myself Mind/MatterTrunk (Natural – Science of Mind & Function) ~Flow
PHYSIO – PHYSIOLOGY Technique for Myself Body Harvest (Natural – Science of Body & Function) ~Breathe

CAbigstock-Abstract-man-of-lightOPTIn ancient times traditional people saw no distinction between body, mind, and spirit.  They saw health as dependent on a harmonious balance of elements.  They saw a single living force manifested in every individual organism.

This Life Force Energy is known by different names in every culture.  The Greeks referred to this energy as Pneuma, Hindus call it Prana in yogic traditions, Chinese know it as Chi or Qi, and the Japanese, Ki. The truth that life energy animates all living things is not merely a philosophical belief, but a practical approach to life and healing.  Almost all traditional healing systems from Ayurvedic to Greek to Chinese are founded on the principle that in order to heal the body, the person must strengthen and harmonize the flow of life energy within. Jin Shin Jyutsu® helps us find that tone, the perfect expression of harmony that exists within everyone.  It is a philosophy, psychology, and physiology.  It demonstrates a way of Being to understand universal oneness and to know and help ourselves in order that we may harmoniously flow within our lives and the ever-flowing world around us. “JSJ will restore you to knowledge of yourself and of your long-dormant innate ability to improve the quality of your life.”  ~from The Touch of Healing Book

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Jin Shin Jyutsu®; Physio-Philosophy is a gentle ancient Japanese Art of harmonizing and balancing energy in the body. It promotes optimal health, well-being, and facilitates our own profound healing ability to "truly KNOW (Help) MYSELF". All are born with this "Powerful Art of Being". How Does It Work

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Caressa Ayres is a Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner. She is dedicated to seeking natural approaches to optimal health, healing, and well-being.
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